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Students tour blind workshop


Students tour blind workshop

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PRESERVE YOUR SIGHT from an early age. 

This message was shared with the students of the St Patricks Roman Catholic School as they toured the Blind and Deaf Workshop, Beckles Road, St Michael today, World Sight Day.

Focusing on this year’s theme of No More Preventable Blindness, president of the Association for the Blind and Deaf Elviston Maloney told the children it may be fun for them to throw objects  but they should be careful not to hit somebody in the eye and cause damage or loss of sight.

Also addressing the students was ophthalmologist Dr Anne-Marie Hinds who shared on healthy eating as a means of avoiding diabetes and other non-communicable diseases which can affect the eyes.

The children also saw members of the blind and visually impaired community making mops and caning chairs. (LK)