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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Imagine pie in the sky


FLYING FISH & COU COU: Imagine pie in the sky

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Many years ago former top-rated singer and songwriter the late John Lennon wrote the monster hit Imagine.

It is a song which many Bajans know and love. So it is not surprising that a lot of them are humming along or actually singing a song with the same melody, even if different lyrics.

Imagine an advisory business paid over $400 000 every month for services rendered. Imagine a whole lot of other people living for today, hoping and wishing for a little berry.

They don’t want to be just dreamers, wondering whether a settlement will ever come.

Advisers to the fore

Focus is shifting to the big meeting planned for later this month.

Already the talk is that the former boss man’s now arch-supporters will have to take a back seat and should expect some heat.

The Earl of Spencer of Barbados’ East has already been forewarned that there is no place at the head table for him.

What is going to be noteworthy is who are the politicos in the midst offering advice. Word is that the self-made guru who once promised to destroy all beehives could be up front – or will it be the talker whose main claim to fame is that of boasting about his credentials?

Eagle still on high  

It’s the hottest topic around these days.

It’s the talk about moving a bigwig from his eagle’s nest after a recent embarrassing situation.

Reports are that a petition is being planned and an emergency sitting scheduled to deal with the scenario.

Some pundits are, however, predicting things will remain the same – a lotta of hot talk but no action while this bird continues to fly with no obstructions.

Group eyeing the big jobs

The talk around the town and across the region is about the determined efforts by the Bee Gee cabal who are lobbying to get all the top jobs.

The man known for his ethnic cleaning talk had the big pick and now behind the scenes is pushing for his in-law to take over. But while the idea has gained some currency in bird land and one or two other places, it has run into stiff opposition from a French citizen who feels it would be better to have a baroness.

The big do is not until next year and a lot will depend on what happens in the oil-rich republic and with the quiet man and Black Rock girl from the land of the flying fish.

In the meantime, the propaganda is of how good this exile and former Lynden stalwart is for the region.