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House destroyed by fire


House destroyed by fire

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DONNA FRASER is pondering how a fire which was seemingly extinguished could have destroyed her home.

Fraser of South District, St George shared the house with her husband Sherman and two children – Shamar, 12 and Joshua, ten. She said a grass fire had broken out behind her home but while the Barbados Fire Service had seemingly dealt with it, it came back with a vengeance.

“I would usually be at church but I was not feeling well. I went over by my aunt across the road and left my husband and children home and when I got there, my aunt told me she saw smoke coming from my house.

“It was a grass fire. We out it and the firemen came and out it some more and told us they were confident that it was out and they left then all of a sudden I see smoke flying and come up. I couldn’t believe fire could come back so fast but when I went to open my back door I just see fire come straight at me,” she said, adding the fire worked so quickly, her house was gone by the time the fire service returned.

Two fire appliances and eight officers under the command of Divisional Officer Ricardo Gittens responded to the 12:55 p.m. call. Reports indicate the initial grass fire was extinguished in the presence of the homeowner – Fraser – but the circumstances behind the house fire were under investigation. (CA)