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Backing for Rev. Bill


Backing for Rev. Bill

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​The controversial “barefoot preacher” was met with rousing applause when he was introduced as the new minister in charge of Shrewsbury Methodist Church, St Philip, at morning worship yesterday.

​The congregation welcomed Reverend William “Bill” St Clair, who wore a white shirt and grey pants and was shoeless, as has become his trademark, at his first service since he was transferred from Ebenezer Church.

It is his fondness for preaching barefoot that allegedly irritated his superiors and influenced his reassignment.

The transfer was clearly not far from his mind as spoke on the topic Once Upon A Time.

Citing the Bible parable in the Gospel of St Matthew where the king had a wedding banquet and invited everyone but threw out one man who was inappropriately dressed, St Clair queried what did that man do to deserve the injustice.

Reverend Bill, as he is also called, said sometimes innocent people got hurt as had been seen unfolding in the Ebenezer circuit.

He said no charges would ever be made against him of not preaching the gospel or preaching heresy, and questioned what then had he done wrong.



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