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HEALING HERBS: Get a boost with coconut water


HEALING HERBS: Get a boost with coconut water

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It all began five weeks ago when my car showed signs of being lethargic and drained. I thought I had fixed the underlying cause when one day the alternator crashed and the next week the starter motor failed. Indeed, the car needed healing.

Thanks to the professional motor electrical services of Mr Beckles and his team at Trans-Tech Inc., my car is healed.

Not only did Mr Beckles heal my car but he served me with an appreciative smile and gave me excellent car advice. Mr Beckles is the best.

As I was driving home and reminisced about the alternator, the starter motor and Mr Beckles, all the thoughts about electricity, electrolytes and stamina came to mind. I then scanned my brain for the appropriate silent doctor for endurance and came up with coconut water.

Coconut water is filled with electrolytes and many other excellent nutrients. The leaves, oil, milk, root, flowers and water are used for healing. The Caribbean is populated with numerous coconut trees and all Caribbean citizens should be lovers of coconut water.

Some of the nutrients in coconut water are calcium, magnesium, selenium, protein, amino acids, iron, Vitamin C, phosphorous, potassium and copper.

Copper is needed in the body to assist with proper functioning of the thyroid glands, to reduce bad cholesterol and is essential in the production of red blood cells, haemoglobin and bone matter.

My husband and I drink at least four bottles of coconut water every week. When I feel lethargic I would drink two glasses of coconut water with a pinch of cayenne pepper or with one tablespoon ginger.

I also mix it with mauby to regulate blood pressure. A blended mixture of coconut water, aloe vera and Suriname cherries is an excellent antioxidant liquid for the body.

Research shows that coconut water can facilitate digestion, boost hydration, assist with weight loss, reduce blood pressure, defend against cardiovascular disease, treat hangovers and beautify the skin. It is also excellent for scanty urine in benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), cystitis and kidney stones. It can replace lost fluid and maintain electrolyte balance in gastroenteritis and diarrhoea.

It is a shame that so many coconut trees are in Barbados and some people have never ever had a glass of coconut water. I believe it is an insult to nature not to drink coconut water unless you have a pre-existing condition which causes you not to.

Remember a coconut a day can also keep the doctor away. Go now and drink a glass of coconut water for better health.