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History effort


History effort

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CHRIST CHURCH FOUNDATION School has taken steps to improve history results which are reported to be suffering overall in Barbados.

Noted historian Trevor Marshall last Thursday gave a group of fourth formers an in-depth tutorial on essay writing for history exams.  With an emphasis on arresting beginnings, establishing and building up arguments and giving a strong conclusion, Marshall showed the students how they could win over the examiners to improve their marks.

The students were also exposed to the original Carib names of the Caribbean islands with Barbados’ Ichirougaim stemming from “big red island with sharp white teeth” which described a view of the island from the east coast which displayed the red clay soil and the jagged coral rocks.

Teacher Annette Maynard-Watson indicated that Marshall had been brought in to give writing tips to the fourth formers as history and history essays were proving to be a challenge for students at Foundation. 

“We are looking at programmes like these to bring up our students’ performance in history,” said Maynard-Watson. (KB)