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‘No funding’ for battered women shelter


‘No funding’ for battered women shelter

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WHILE MONEY MAY BE POURING into local sports ventures, the Shelter For Battered Women seems a forgotten case.

​Mary Thompson, a member of the Business and Professional Women’s Club (BPW) which runs the shelter, made the complaint on Saturday afternoon during a symposium on domestic violence at Savannah Beach Hotel in Hastings, Christ Church.

A lot of money was going into Crop Over, car racing, cricket and other sports but “we can’t find funding to sustain the lone shelter in this island for abused women”, she told the gathering.

“We cannot find funding to provide programming for women to educate them, to bring them out of the [morass] of domestic violence. We need proper funding.”

The club has also raised the issue of funding on its website. It said: “The BPW shelter is the organisation’s flagship project, through which safe house and crisis intervention services are offered to women and children victims of domestic violence, human trafficking and other forms of gender-based violence. . . .

“In recent times, due to economic constraints and major reductions in Government subventions (the Government being the main donor since the inception of the shelter), the project has been challenged for the first time in its history.

“However, closing the facility is not an option and the thought of women and children having nowhere to go when fleeing from violence represents regression and denial of a basic human need – safe shelter.”

The organisation said it continued to hunt funding and to put measures in place to keep the project open, while saluting staff members “who report to work amidst months of delays in payment of salaries”.

It also spoke of volunteers and other people working tirelessly “to keep the project afloat”. (TY)