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Pastor still shoeless


Pastor still shoeless

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On his first day taking over pastoral duties at Shrewsbury Methodist Church in St Philip, controversial minister Reverend William St Clair continued with his unorthodox manner of officiating without shoes.

The practice, which has gained him the title of “Barefoot Preacher”, has also led to him being ordered by the superintendent of the church circuit to put on his shoes.

It is also understood that the hierarchy of the church is none too pleased about him serving communion every Sunday as opposed to the Methodist once-a-month tradition.

St Clair, who was moved from Ebenezer and Rices Methodist last week, told the congregation at Shrewsbury yesterday that even though his transfer was meant as a disciplinary measure because of the stance he took to dress as he wished, he believed he was sent there because God had bigger plans for the church. (LK)