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Prison officers focus on health


Prison officers focus on health

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HER MAJESTY’S PRISON Dodds held its annual health and wellness day today.

About 400 prisons officer are currently employed at the institution and coordinator of the event Sophia Sandiford said that their interest this year was overwhelming.

Sandiford said that the job of a prison officer was arguably one of the most stressful and these types of events were essential.

“Health is very important. The job in itself is a very stressful job so we want to provide an avenue so persons can have their various tests done. They may not be able to get off work on time to get such stuff done so it is very important that we bring it to the staff, make it more accessible for them to participate in these activities,” she said.

Prison week began on Sunday with a church service and will culminate on Friday with a Sports Day at the penal institution. (SDB Media)