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Women taking ‘most top jobs’


Women taking ‘most top jobs’

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A SOCIAL COMMENTATOR has warned the country’s men to step forward as more of them are being displaced by women who are taking over almost every top position in Government and business.

David “Joey” Harper, who is also a former chairman of the Child Care Board, told the Ralph Boyce-led Men’s Educational Support Association (MESA) that they had an uphill battle on their hands as more men were being relegated to secondary positions while women surged passed them “at a frightening ratio”.

​Insisting that women were fast becoming the dominant sex, he told the men’s group: “Women are filling every major management position in Government, business, church and now even in sports.

​“The problem is men are ceasing to be men. I am not referring to women beaters but real men, respectful fathers, husbands and parents. If MESA is to become the new reality that [chairman] Ralph Boyce envisages . . . real men must be recreated not to rule but to be equal, standing firm as one.”

​Addressing the topic Men Speaking To Men On Men’s Matters, Harper added: “MESA, we must fight to get men to regain their masculinity. Young men cannot stop attempting to match those who are slowly becoming the societal leaders, the CEOs, managers, lawyers, consultants, doctors, while they, the new male, are becoming dependents waiting for women to support them, driving cars bought by women, living in houses bought or rented by women, and they must stop no longer placing themselves on the slowly disappearing job market.”

​He said women were no longer willing to take a slap; they were now quite willing to slap back.

“Women are no longer willing to stay at home and cry, they are quite willing to go out and hunt. Women today have learnt to take off their clothes in public even in fitness events. The mystery is slowly disappearing – Crop Over is a classic example.

​“Men are slowing disappearing from the courts’ benches at every level, [as] magistrates [and judges in the] High Court . . . . There are not too many Ralph Boyces willing to fight against the odds. The stakes are becoming too high and you really cannot be sure whose corns . . . you may step on,” Harper said. (Green Bananas Media)