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Wellness day at Dodds


Wellness day at Dodds

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The stresses associated with the life of prison officers were highlighted when Her Majesty’s Prisons Dodds held their annual health and wellness day.

Present at the Dodds Land, St Philip penitentiary yesterday were a host of stalls with information on how officers, and people in general, could live a more healthy lifestyle.

A Ministry of Health booth provided information on diabetes and mosquito-borne diseases. Blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol tests were also performed. In addition, the officers gained knowledge about the benefits of taking care of their feet, compliments Comfeet Foot  Care Clinic.

About 400 prison officers are employed at HMP Dodds and coordinator of the event, Sophia Sandiford, said their interest was overwhelming.

Sandiford said that the job of a prison officer was arguably one of the most stressful and so as not to suffer burn-out, these types of events, where health was showcased as paramount, were very essential.

Prison Week began on Sunday with a church service and will culminate on Friday with a sports day at the prison. (SDB Media)