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DEAR CHRISTINE: Bullying making me feel less than human


DEAR CHRISTINE: Bullying making me feel less than human

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Dear Christine,

I always read your column and I saw the letter on Thursday, September 11, 2014, regarding group harassment. I was amazed because the exact thing is happening to me right now.

I am under intense bullying by a set of individuals who are intent on destroying my reputation and my life.

I am not sure why they are tormenting me but at times they make me feel less than an animal, furthermore a human being. Believe it or not, some of them are business people including a very wealthy individual.

I thought I was the only person suffering like this. [Like the other writer] I can also take comfort from the Scriptures. It is true that whatever a man or woman sows, they will reap.

You plant one kernel of corn and get a big plant with a number of cobs containing countless kernels.

– Extremely Bullied Female


Dear Extremely Bullied Female,

I have started to carry out some research on adult group bullying and harassment and have learnt in the process that those who are bullied always suffer serious health conditions.

Bullying contributes to severely reduced workplace efficiency due to the intense strain placed upon the targets of this malicious behaviour.

In many cases, people never believe you when you say you are being bullied or harassed because sometimes the group bullying or harassment is carried out without any kind of physical torture.

Most is mental torture, repeated hurtful and hostile actions which are intended to mistreat or control you, and hurtful verbal and non-verbal communication and actions which decrease your intrinsic self-worth.

Most of the time the aim of those doing the bullying is to place mental stress on their target.

I hope there is a measure of comfort in knowing you are not alone in this form of bullying.

 Perhaps the perpetrators will have a heart or, at the least, put themselves in your position and cease from their wicked acts.