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AWRIGHT DEN!: Okay to be different

Corey Worrell

AWRIGHT DEN!: Okay to be different

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Two weeks ago, I was helping my wife search for an important document when I stumbled across a book called The Grand Weaver by Ravi Zacharias. Interestingly enough, I have heard some friends speak very highly of this writer but never read or listened to any teachings of his.

I have not finished Chapter 1 as yet and this book has already been a great inspiration to me. Let me share a little snippet with you:

Many of us would not have chosen for ourselves the body or face or features that we have. In fact, we might often wish to be unburdened with the physicality of our being. With the importance given today to having a beautiful or ‘perfect’ body, some might wonder why they ended up with theirs. Why this body and not another? ‘If only I could shake it off,’ we muse. In fact, why have a body at all, since it can be so uncomfortable to bear.

Internet, movies and the media have had such an effect on us that many do not like who we are. I believe if given the chance, we would all change things about our physical selves. It could be the teeth, size of the breast, shape of the nose or buttocks, the length of the ear lobe or even the shape of the vagina or size of the penis.

Is something wrong with looking different or having unique features? Is it wrong not to have long hair or huge muscles or smooth skin? Is it wrong not to want to look like the woman on the front of the magazine or the man in the movie? Is it wrong to seek, where possible, to make ourselves more appealing to what the public sees as beautiful? Is it wrong not to like what you see in the mirror? There are so many questions to be asked and equally many variations to the answer to be given. Who is right and who is wrong?

Plastic surgery, inclusive of cosmetic procedures, is a very lucrative business. Millions of people each year have all types of procedures done, for many different reasons. The top six plastic surgery procedures, based on an American study, are: (6) Facelift, (5) tummy tuck, (4) liposuction, (3) eyelid surgery, (2) nose reshaping and (1) breast implants.

While reading the book above, I had a vision. My family and I were hungry and decided to stop at a restaurant to get some lunch. There was an option to choose from a menu

or to help yourself at the buffet table; we decided on the latter. When we stood at the buffet table we were shocked and disappointed. There were eight stations of food and each had macaroni pie. The only thing that distinguished them was that they were each made from a different cheese. There was nothing else to choose from; how sad.

Could you imagine if only one brand, shape, type and colour vehicle was available at car dealerships? What about every house being sold, rented or built looking exactly the same? How about going into a store and all the clothing, shoes and accessories were similar? Who would want to live in a world with no variety or uniqueness?

I can’t answer the questions above for you as it relates to who is right or wrong, but I can tell you that if there is one thing the world needs – it is you. What makes the rainbow so beautiful is its variety of colours and what makes the human race so beautiful is its variety of features, colours and shapes. Without uniqueness, differences and even imperfections in our features and body, we would not be identifiable or recognisable. 

Without my faith, I would still believe there is an eternity after death. I have come to this conclusion having realised that man is never satisfied. We reach our goals and accomplishment and receive our wants and still long for more. We change our features and fix our bodies and still long for something else to change.

If I had the money, would I also make a change? The answer is . . . .

• Corey Worrell is a former Commonwealth Youth Ambassador.