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Flowing lyrics at the Corner


Flowing lyrics at the Corner

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Adaeze had the crowd putting their lighters in the air and spoken word artiste SUNROKK touched on everything from Days Of Our Lives to Rosemary Alleyne’s dress style.

Adaeze (with her backing vocalists) was a big hit and SUNROKK, backed by NexCyx band, had rhymes flowing like a fast moving stream. He received loud applause from the Mahalia’s Corner appreciative audience at the second showing of the event at the Sea Dome, Maxwell, Christ Church.

Damian Marvay was a suitable substitue for Simon Pipe who lost his voice. Marvay stepped up, teaming up with songbird Debbie Reifer for a couple songs.

Mahalia was feeling so patriotic about Barbados that she gave a tearful rendition of Gabby’s Emmerton.

The open mic session then saw quite a few brave souls stepping to the stage to say their pieces.

Mahalia’s Corner featured Simon Pipe and Bobo last night. (NS)