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Artful building blocks


Artful building blocks

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Yesterday marked the final day of a group exhibition at Pelican Art Gallery. It was there that the works of over 20 artists were displayed, with some interesting subjects, lots of colour and lots of creativity.

As with any art exhibition, there are always pieces which stand out above the others and although those which do are not always highlighted, there must always be the understanding that each piece of art has its own personality and beauty. However, truth be told, each of those on display must have warmed the hearts of every visitor to the gallery.

In other words, with the works of so many artists, it was still easy to fall in love with each creation and yet possess a special love for several pieces.

Some of the artists whose works were displayed were Everick Lynton, Glenroy Jordan, J. Patricia Browne, Roslyn Worme, Lilian Sten-Nicholson, Sylvester “Ade” Clarke, John Banks, Judy Layne-Banks, McGregor Wickham, Linda Tudor, Allan Ashby, Larrie Belgrave, Christopher Benjamin, Kathalie Goddard, Raymond Maughan, Barbara Pickering, Margarita Gunby and Colin Daniel.

Be on the lookout next week for more fantastic pieces from this group show. (CH)