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Youth urged to use the library


Youth urged to use the library

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YOUNG BARBADIANS HAVE been asked to assist in maintaining the strong historical tradition of preserving the public library system.

The appeal came this morning from Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth, Stephen Lashley, at the 167 year anniversary service of the National Library Service held at the Bethel Methodist Church on Bay Street, The City.

Speaking directly to the young people in the congregation, Lashley told them the best way to preserve the service is to make use of it.

“It is at the public library, whether from the books and journals on the shelf or those available online, that your knowledge of the world will be enhanced. But more importantly, it is the place where ‘Barbadiana’ is exposed to the eye for learning purposes. 

“In other words, the public library, through its many offerings, teaches us about ourselves as no other reference place can. It is ours and its legacy must be preserved and shared,” said the minister.

He revealed the feasibility study for the restoration of the library’s historic headquarters, the Carnegie Building on Coleridge Street, The City, has already started and details on that effort and how Barbadians would be able to contribute to it, will soon be revealed.

“This will be part of our legacy to our young people; a modern state of the art public library service, headquartered in one of Barbados’ outstanding historical buildings,” said Lashley. (SP)