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Schools urged to participate in Agrofest


Schools urged to participate in Agrofest

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THE AGROFEST SCHOOLS’ competitions were launched at the Gordon Walters Primary School in St Patrick’s, Christ Church today. 

 In addition to the oral, essay and poster competitions, there will be a treasure hunt this year which will focus on enhancing the oral skills of the students.

The competitions are open to all primary schools across the island, but since Gordon Walters School took the top three spots last year’s oral competition it was chosen for yesterday’s launch.

Chief executive officer of the Barbados Agricultural Society James Paul encouraged other schools to participate in the competitions which enhanced the children’s knowledge and appreciation of agriculture.

Paul stressed that agriculture was extremely important for the survival of the nation. 

“The reason why we are able to call ourselves Barbadians and we do not have to run anyplace to go and live is that fact that we have a strong and healthy nation that can feed itself to some extent.  We never want to lose that,” he said.

He added that the BAS had been trying to promote agriculture as a business.

The organisation has therefore partnered with the Junior Achievement to teach business fundamentals to the children. 

 “If we can at least engender good business practices among young people who are involved in agriculture at a very early age it will help,” Paul said. (LK)