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WILD COOT: Creation of the world

Harry Russell

WILD COOT: Creation of the world

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First there was Chaos, followed by Ge. Then came Eros, the most beautiful of the immortals who sprinkles gods and men alike with sweet passion turning the heart and overcoming all prudent counsel. One of Ge’s children was Uranus. He, out of insecurity, swallowed all of his children except Zeus who escaped because Uranus swallowed a swaddled stone instead.

Now Ge got one of her children Cronus to slice off Uranus’ testicles with a sickle (there was no beheading then). The resulting blood fell on the earth and so the Fates were born. Actually the severed genitals created Aphrodite – see the connection? The stone that Uranus swallowed instead of Zeus was later retrieved and created the Oracle at Delphi from which the Wild Coot draws inspiration.

After the battle of the Titans and the battle of the Giants, man was created and we are now living in the last generation – the iron race, a race of cruel creatures who inhabit the earth to the present day in Barbados. If we were to look carefully we would see the development habit long before the creation of other histories of how we got here. The answer is fate that has brought us together.

Fate, that is what becomes of us who were formed from the drops of blood from emasculated testicles. (Some of us may still have developed from snails).

Anyway, somebody has to explain to me what used to happen before 2200 BC or even after 630 AD when we first encountered sin according to the Jews, and their promotion of one god. The story of Adam and Eve and the serpent was born then. Other believers confirmed this as they cried “Children of Adam”. Up to the time of the Roman domination of Jerusalem, the concept of many gods was still current. Actually the Christians were persecuted for the worship of Jehovah and Christianity, an offshoot of the Jewish belief.

Perhaps we should give some consideration to the belief shared by the Greek cosmogony in the creation of the world and the eventual creation of the Fates. The Wild Coot is not too sure if the Fates are playing a prominent part in this island. If people claim that their navel string is buried somewhere in Barbados, that is all the more reason why being cloaked in obscurity would not be fashionable. Neither does it of itself personify chastity.

Macbeth said: “Come fate into the list and champion me to the utterance.” To yield to the strictures and the venomous arrows that fly and the dagger that I see before me is to flee like a coward with the tail between my legs, not a feature of a coot. This coot is of the Fulica caribae species and is noted for strong legs.

“But as to him who believeth and doeth that which is right, he shall have a generous recompense, and we shall lay on them our easy behest.” Sura 18 Verse 87.

After the famous Deucalion flood when Zeus wiped out almost the whole of mankind with a deluge, only Deucalion, son of Prometheus, and his wife Pryyha survived. In order to repopulate the earth, the couple had to throw stones over their shoulder without looking back. Perhaps they would have been turned into pillars of salt but that time had not yet come. Each stone that Deucalion threw became a man and each stone that Pryyha threw became a woman. This beats Noah and his sons’ account of repopulating the earth.

You can see that there was no differentiation of people in the stone-throwing act. People did not live in separate communities even after the seventh century.

As-Salaam-alaikum Suleiman Bulbulia, also greetings in the name of Jah! “All that is in the Heavens and all that is on Earth praiseth God. He is the Mighty, the Wise!

Believers! Why profess ye that which ye practise not?

Most hateful is it to God that ye say that which ye do not. Verily God loveth those who, as though they were a solid wall, do battle for his cause in serried lines.” Sura 61 Verses 1-4. Don’t get vex with the messenger, go examine the message.

• Harry Russell is a banker.