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Big brother Chris turns 100


Big brother Chris turns 100

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It started out like a normal day for Christopher McDonald “Kenneth” Smith. He pressed his pants and shined his shoes as he would when going out.

But yesterday was no regular day. It was his 100th birthday and family and friends gathered in Prior Park Heights, St James, to celebrate at the home of one of his four surviving daughters, Bernice Wasson. Smith also has five grandchildren and seven great-grands.

Gail Caddy, from England, said he was the most wonderful grandfather and marvelled at his independence.

“He lives on his own in Walkers, St Andrew, with home assistance,” she said. “He is very self-sufficient. He cooks for himself and he ironed his own clothes today and shined his own shoes. You can see your face in his shoes. He’s amazing!”  

Smith also still goes to church every week and reads The Bible almost daily. While in relatively good health, he walks with a cane, has trouble hearing and suffers with glaucoma.

His children said they knew little of him while growing up as he spent the majority of their childhood abroad.

“He was a sugar cane factory engineer, then a seaman working in the engine room of Shell oil tankers for many years.

“When he finally came back he went back to working at Haggatt’s sugar factory before he worked at Rediffusion, where he remained until his retirement,” said Wasson.

The centenarian said he was feeling “all right” despite the trouble with his hearing and sight.

Smith has outlived all but one of his eight siblings. His 87-year-old brother Beresford “Charlie” Jordan was present at the birthday party.

Jordan said he felt “very good” his big brother was 100 years old and he felt confident he too would reach that milestone. (CA)