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IT MATTERS TO MARIA: Mum opens home to Brit


IT MATTERS TO MARIA: Mum opens home to Brit

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A KIND-HEARTED Barbadian ​has rescued homeless Brit Amanda Bradley Miller.

Brenda Wilkinson took in the 50-year-old at her modest Christ Church home after reading about Miller’s plight in last week’s WEEKEND NATION.

It was Wilkinson’s daughter, Sabrina, 32, who resides in Los Angeles, who arranged for her mother to provide shelter for Miller.

Sabrina explained that when she read the article in this column, she immediately called home and told her mother to help.

“Something kept telling me to go on Facebook and when I went on the story was the first thing that popped up on my page. I saw people making negative comments and I said ‘no, I have to help’ because I am trying to live a life with God. There are always two sides to a story. We are all human and we make mistakes.”

Sabrina said it reminded her of her own situation when she first moved to Los Angeles and found herself almost homeless.

“A stranger took me in. It was very hard ​​living in a foreign country and not having family and friends here.”

She said Amanda was free to live with her family as long as she wanted.

Miller, a British citizen who has been living in Barbados for the past eight years, said her life went downhill after she and her husband separated four years ago.

For the past three years she has been either renting or living with strangers but found herself on the street four weeks ago after she was asked to leave the house where she was staying.

She also lamented that she had loaned money to two men who have refused to pay her back, while she was also trying to retrieve her possessions from another man.

Miller said she was grateful for the assistance from the Wilkinsons.