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You gotta have Fate


You gotta have Fate

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Music lovers should take a listen to what Faith Callender has to say.

​Coming off a very good Crop Over season, the artist recently released a single, Listen Careful, dropped her moniker, launched a new Facebook page and is among this year’s Honey Jam line-up.

Why the name change?

Callender, the reigning Banks Calendar Girl told WEEKEND BUZZ that the decision to use Fate came after she realised other artistes were using monikers and she decided to follow suit.

“I thought it was something that could go for me and I thought about Fate because it is inevitable, it is something that is predetermined to happen.

“After the Banks Calendar Girl competition and being crowned the winner a lot of people started knowing about Faith Callender and not so much Fate so I wanted to combine the popularity of the artiste and the calendar girl and just go with Faith Callender.

“I started to become more comfortable using my name and being more comfortable in my skin,” she said.

The single, which is on the Peace Eagle Riddim along with other artists including Buggy Nhakente, is enjoying some rotation on radio stations at present, was written by songwriter Rhea Layne who works with Hit Island Studio.

Callender said she wanted to perform an original piece at this year’s Reggae on the Hill but she did not have the material. She followed up on a suggestion to have Rhea write her the song which can also be heard on Sound Cloud and her Facebook page.

“She came to the studio, brought this song and played it for me and immediately I fell in love with it and said ‘yes, this is the song. I’m going to run with it, record and put it out as a single’.

“The Crop Over season was very, very good for me. I want to show people that I’m versatile, I do other music so they can look out for other stuff other than Crop Over which is just a season, a genre.

“Soca artistes more than likely only bring out songs around Crop Over time but I was always a lover of reggae music, I love reggae music that was my first genre to get into before I was introduced to the soca. I want people to know that girl is still here and to look out for this kind of music from me,” the singer said.

But that’s not all she has going on.

She shared with WEEKEND BUZZ, that the single might be featured on the soundtrack for another local movie after one of the directors heard it on Facebook.

“He messaged me and said I really love your song would you be interested in having it featured in PAYDAY 2? I said yes it sounds like a very good idea. We have to talk about the logistics now and hopefully it will be in the next one,” she said.

Callender, who is studying at the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies is hopeful that Listen Careful will create a buzz before she drops another single, which could be along the love line.

“Plans are still in place and I’m thinking about stuff to do,” she added.

She said that “Honey Jam is coming along very good” and she is looking forward to the showcase where she will be performing her original single. (Green Bananas Media)