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FLYING FISH & COU COU: All will be revealed


FLYING FISH & COU COU: All will be revealed

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A particular man is smiling and saying, “time longer than twine”.

Cou Cou understands that he is exuberant following the visit from a group of very important people here some weeks ago on a fact-finding mission.

We have it on good authority that the members of the small group were unique and experienced, and were able to survey the situation they are being encouraged to get involved in, and got a first-hand on-site feel of it.

From what we heard, the group held meetings with a number of people who were initially not keen to see them here. However, the economic situation has worsened to the point that even those individuals are asking if courting these unique and experienced people is not the better alternative to those inquisitive meticulous fellows who often demand a pound of flesh, with hair and blood, whenever they get involved in anything.

Of course the jury is still out as to the outcome of this move, but the fact this man is just smiling and not talking these days, suggest things may be swinging his way.

Only time, though, will tell.

Who’s the boss?

​Workers at a certain organisation are wondering who is really the boss there since the retired chief executive continues to use the big office every day as usual, while the new leader has remained in their smaller office.

Not only that, the old boss continues to drive the big car the organisation provides for the CEO, and staff continue to relate to that individual as if the reins of leadership are still in their hands.

The workers are wondering what needs to happen for the new boss to start being more assertive in dealing with the old boss’ presence and how it seems to be causing some confusion among the rank and file.

They’re saying that when the new boss does this then no one would have to ask, who’s the boss?

Double flop

​Supporters of a well-known group want to know the truth behind why two recent events flopped, and who was responsible for their failure.

According to reports, the first event only attracted 32 people, though the entrance fee has not changed markedly through the years. Similar activities in the past would have seen hundreds cruising into the venue, ready to party.

The other event was a freebie and would normally be well attended too. But again, so few drove to it that it had to be called off.

An insider told Cou Cou the events did not get off the ground properly because the organisers had failed to popularise them among the group’s most ardent supporters. He said it seems those behind each event took it for granted that because the group was doing something that their people would immediately rally to the cause.

The insider said those responsible for these flops should use them as an indicator for whatever they attempt for the future for the group. That is, always mobilise the supporters to ensure they are successful.