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MAVIS BECKLES: Covetousness a terrible sin


MAVIS BECKLES: Covetousness a terrible sin

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Every week, coming up tuh the time when I have tuh write this column, there is a constant struggle as tuh what I should write.

It seems like everywhere ya look or turn nowadays there is negative.

So the struggle is trying tuh sift through all the negative rubble tuh find something good and positive tuh write ’bout.

Now mind you, I ain’t saying dat nothing positive ain’t happening; there is a lot o’ positive things happening in Barbados, throughout the entire Caribbean and of course all ovah the world but, as I said, it does wuk ya harder tuh find the positive things tuh write ’bout.

Look, from the time ya open ya two eyes in the morning, nuh matter how early or late it is, before you know if ya able tuh get outta dat bed, one o’ the first things dat does come in tuh ya head is the lot o’ bills and how ya gine get dem paid or something negative dat happen the day before.

But you see me? Before I go off tuh sleep at night, I does thank my Father fuh protecting me and helping me tuh get through another trying day.

I does thank Him dat I got a good clean bed tuh sleep in and fuh the lil old roof ovah my head dat does shelter me from the elements.

I does ask Him tuh forgive me fuh anything dat I might have said or done tuh anybody tuh cause dem any kinda hurt or pain and then I does ask Him tuh make my sleep peaceful and sweet. I doan even know when I fall off tuh sleep.

But look at this here. I was sitting down on my bed the other night, reading ’bout the robbery the paper say duh had out there in Dayrells Road and all of a sudden, it brought back tuh me a message I heard one morning by the Reverent Holmes Williams pon CITA radio.

He was talking bout the sin of covetousness. I cahn remember the exact words he used but I understand it tuh mean dat it is a most horrible sin.

Now we all know dat a lot o’ people struggling, some more than others, but while some people does press through and pray through, duh got some other people who does just be there only waiting tuh prey pon anybody in order tuh get wha’ duh want.

It ain’t got nutten tuh do wid nuh conscience or nothing so; it is dat I want it and I gine go after it at anybody’s expense or at any cost. It is about dem and duh families. It is about how dem want tuh look and live.

Dat is why duh got suh many undercover things getting exposed nowadays; not only ’bout here but all ovah the world, because of covetousness.

Lemmuh tell ya, you see this thing called covetousness, it does make some people turn a blind eye tuh guns and who got dem.

Because o’ covetousness, some people does accept bribes: Because o’ covetousness, some people does allow other people tuh influence dem intuh doing things dem know tuh be wrong.

Because o’ covetousness, people does put duh own children and family at risk. Because of covetousness, a lot o’ women does turn a blind eye tuh drugs; knowing full well dat the men in dem life does be involved in it but because the money does be coming in and dem doan think dat it ain’t dem children who using the drugs he selling, these does turn a blind eye and open duh hands and tek it.

And because o’ covetousness duh got people who does sit back day after day and watch other people working duh tails off and then go and relieve dem o’ the lil bit duh manage tuh accumulate.

It is sad but this thing called covetousness is a terrible thing dat is taking ovah people’s lives.

• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.