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PUDDING & SOUSE: Neighbour a nuisance


PUDDING & SOUSE: Neighbour a nuisance

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Residents in the Grazettes Housing area are sick and tired of a resident who plays her radio so loud that it shakes the walls in their houses.

The problem is that her radio is on 24 hours, morning, noon and night, and even if she goes to work or leaves home, the radio is still on blast.

Angry residents want to know if because she has the radio tuned into a popular Christian station that she feels it gives her the right to pollute the neighbourhood with this excessive noise.

To make matters worse, she does not speak to any of her neighbours and even though they have called the police for her on numerous occasions, they are beginning to believe that nothing is being done by law enforcement because she has a relative who is also a cop.

Some of them are now even afraid of her because every morning and evening while her radio is blasting she is seen prancing up and down the road with a scarf around her nose, Bible in hand, phone to her ear and sprinkling something around her house while shouting that she is covering her house with the blood.

Residents want to know why she is above the law since another woman in the area also used to blast the same radio station and the police always made her shut it down.

Caught by cell

A policeman unwittingly went overseas and left his cell in Barbados. His wife, who he forgot was a cop with the same investigative skills as his, conducted her own investigation. She went through his phone and received the shock of her life. She saw photos of a female constable and her husband on a cruise together.

Wifey apparently contacted her wayward husband and demanded that he cut short his vacation and return to Barbados to explain the situation.

By the time he returned, wifey had already moved out of their matrimonial bedroom into a bedroom downstairs. She put her foot down and demanded that on the nights he is not working he must be at home, or else.

Quite recently, loneliness got the better of him and he went to reconcile with his wife but she resisted and fought him off like a tigress. It is true that hell has no fury like a woman scorned and some members of the force rushed to the residential area.

Wifey has since called up the home-wrecking constable and ordered her to leave her husband alone.

Her actions seemed to have worked because he has been observed just sulking and looking depressed.

His colleagues are wondering if he would be able to continue to carry out his duties.