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‘Blade’ shows some steel


‘Blade’ shows some steel

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DEXTER “The Blade” Jackson had enough of a wow effect from adoring muscle fans to earn a passing grade as the latest special guest of the Darcy Beckles Invitational Classic at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, over the weekend.

There was a hush in the audience as the lights were dimmed at 10:05 p.m. for the 44-year-old Jackson to showcase his world-class bodybuilding physique on stage.

He didn’t bring six-pack abs or eye-popping muscle but he was in good enough shape to keep his reputation intact. His 22-inch arms, huge traps, and monstrous quads were enough evidence for fans that this man was very much a class act.

Jackson glided through the audience, showcasing a front double bicep shot at almost every turn to the delight and screams of his female fans in particular. One overzealous female gave him a tap on his buttocks and the charismatic African American responded with a smile and a most muscular shot.

Many fans gave him a seven on a scale of ten, a far cry from last year when another high-class pro Shawn “The Flexatron” Rhoden, fell way short of the mark.

Jackson, who shares the record of four Arnold Classic victories with the great Ken “Flex” Wheeler, told the DAILY NATION he had a fabulous time in Barbados.

“Barbados is very nice, it is a beautiful country. I love the atmosphere and this country.

“I haven’t been in the gym for a few weeks, so I am happy with what I was able to present to the fans here. Roger Boyce [the promoter] called me at the last minute and I was happy to come here for you guys in the off-season,” said Jackson, whose girlfriend, Gail, is of West Indian parentage with her mother hailing from Welchman Hall, St Thomas. Dexter and Gail left here yesterday morning on an American Airlines flight to his base in Florida.

On the contest stage, Guyanese-born Domini Alleyne, the overall winner of the bikini fitness at the National Championships, was the class of the eight entrants.

Alleyne, 29, brought poise, shape and condition for an emphatic victory, with Shakira Doughlin ensuring that Barbados would be 1-2. Trinidad and Tobago’s Abeni Procope was third with Rhadika Yearwood fourth and reigning schoolgirl queen Macara Thornhill completing the top five.

“I improved since the Nationals. Everything was well proportioned. My quads was matching to my upper body, so I am pleased,” said a delighted Alleyne.

In the men’s physique competition, Caribbean divisional champion Jamil Jones won another showdown with 37-year-old pharmacist Ryan Haynes.

Jones came with razor-sharp abs and a rock-hard back that made him a clear winner. Haynes had to settle with second best with Trinidad’s Rocky Kewley third and Hadley Hoyte, fourth.

Regal Ramona Morgan ruled the roost in the figure competition. The experienced Morgan was a commanding winner from Cleopatra Carti and Jenelle Schulere.