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Sleeping with room-mate’s girl


Sleeping with room-mate’s girl

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Dear Christine,

I room with a guy I have been friends with for some time. Recently his girlfriend and I began having sex and it has me in a quandary.

I know you will say to break it off with the girl, but this is more easily said than done. She keeps coming on to me and I have no girlfriend of my own now. Besides, what if she really prefers me and would give him up? What should I do?

– K


Dear K,

It may be more easily said than done, but all I can do is say what I feel. You will be the one to do as you choose.

My advice to you is to move out of that room because of the strain of staying there. You two must be most uncomfortable having to live lives of deceit and betrayal.

If the two of you are on pulling the wool over your friend’s eyes, that is bad for you. You have to wonder when he is going to wise up. What will happen then? You also have to have this perception of yourself, that you are a guy who will do this injury to someone and go on living in the same room with him.

Move out and tell her it is over. When you do that, it will be anybody’s guess what she does. She may tell him hoping he turns on you or makes some kind of trouble. In any case, I would not count on an ongoing relationship with her.

What kind of woman does what she has done – sleeping with her boyfriend’s roommate? Also, what kind of friend are you to this guy? What she has done to him she will probably do to you also.

Make a clean cut while you still have time and do not pass on your new address to him or to her.