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TALKBACK: Gun crime and economic woes still a concern

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TALKBACK: Gun crime and economic woes still a concern

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GUN CRIME and the economy were two of the many issues which concerned Barbadians last week.

Readers had a lot to say about Central Bank Governor Dr DeLisle Worrell’s announcement that Government had to make a $174.6 million fiscal adjustment between now and the end of March in order to reach its fiscal targets.

Michelle Smith-Mayers: I don’t know about anyone else, but I know I cannot take any more adjustments that eat away at my monthly income. There is none left to eat away at, unless I now give up eating. I am going to have to eat what I grow now.

Peter Jan Boos: The Central Bank’s latest report raises more questions than answers. The path we are on is very unlikely to deliver confidence in our economy. The plan lacks clarity, accountability and is being poorly executed. We are digging a deeper hole for ourselves.

Sarah Pomeranz Layne: Why not look at some of the current Government “projects” and how much is being spent on them and decide if they are really needed at this time, even if you have to shut down the work for the time being? Yes, I know people will be out of work and that is an unfortunate side effect, but it’s going to happen sooner or later.

Julius St Simons: It would be interesting to know if a majority of Barbadians today believe that this administration, including the head of the Central Bank, [can] pull us out of the crisis into which they led us. I, for one, do not. The Nation should take a poll.

Ibukunoluwa Ozioma: Let’s vote for politicians to take a further pay cut . . . like 50 per cent. If they are not generating/delivering the right kind of economic programme to improve circumstances, then they are not doing their jobs effectually.

Readers were also vocal about the crime situation following the armed robbery of a minimart in Dayrells Road and two gun-related incidents in Nelson Street, The City.

Richard Ince: Barbados is becoming a playground for gunplay. Something has to be done, otherwise we will only have senior citizens living. The people have to get back to the old days when parents knew how to raise children, not monsters. The fault is not the police. So-called parents have to install good principles in their children and beat some common sense into them. Barbados’ prison will always be overcrowded. We only have tourism; people do not want to come to the wild, wild west.

Dave Boyce: This is what happens when the justice system is too soft on offenders found guilty of such acts.

Dave Holder: I still have hope things will improve once the guns get off the street. 

Francis McClean: This is the most pressing issue in Bim right now. For this will affect everything else directly or indirectly. Please address it now, bigger heads.

Jackie Griffith-Chase: Gun crime is definitely on the increase in Bim. Seems more like UK or USA. Frightening!