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The following are some of the tributes paid at the passing of former Barbados Prime Minister John Michael Geoffrey Manningham “Tom” Adams.

Glyne Murray: Personal aide to the late Prime Minister

Barbados has lost a true son of the soil. I am at a loss for words to express the deep shock that I feel and indeed the rest of the island and the world.

The former Prime Minister always knew power was temporary, and most Barbadians never really knew him as a person. Now that he has gone I am sure many Barbadians and his political enemies will see him for the man he was. He was a man of very high standards, but at the same time, he was an ordinary human.

Senator David Seale: Chairman of the Barbados Development Bank; businessman

“I find it most difficult to express in words the deep shock and sorrow at the passing of the Prime Minister, Mr. Tom Adams.

“Mr. Adams was my friend, but also the friend of all Barbadians. He was the most knowledgeable person I have ever met. It was always a joy to engage him in conversation.

“Mr. Adams was a fearless leader, dedicated to his country. I will be forever indebted to him for giving me the opportunity to serve Barbados, in my capacity as chairman of the Barbados Development Bank. I can say that I have never, in all my dealings with him about the bank’s business, received partisan instructions. I have always found him to be straight, fair and democratic.

“On behalf of my wife and family, I extend to his widow Genevieve, to his sons, and to his mother, Lady Adams, our deepest sympathy.”

Sir Alexander Hoyos: Historian

“I think there are many people who must be shocked at the suddenness of the event. Some of those especially who saw him in St. James mixing with the crowd, enjoying an obvious rapport with friends and comrades in the battle in which he was long engaged.

“His ability to rouse people, as he had done in St. Peter recently, was also very evident in St James.

“I think too of him at the races only Saturday, bright and social.

“Somewhere behind his exterior of joy and good fellowship there must have been a weight of responsibility which must have been hanging heavily over his head.

“I note that in consultation with him, he began to feel the end of the vast problems that were besetting the island.”

Philip Goddard: president of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce

“I am deeply shocked and express great sorrow at his untimely passing. He was a man of ability and natural genius who has contributed so much to the social and economic development of Barbados and the Caribbean.

“We extend our sorrow and our sympathy to his wife, to Lady Adams, his mother, and to his sons. We share with them in their grief at this time.”

Dr. George Belle: founder and leader of the newly formed Worker’s Party of Barbados

“On behalf of the Worker’s Party of Barbados, we express our condolences to the family of the late Prime Minister, his wife, and children. We also give our sympathies to the members of the Barbados Labour Party and its supporters.

“We were deeply shocked by the news of the death.”

Courtney Blackman: Governor of the Central Bank

“I am extremely distressed by the news because I do not believe that the nation is rich enough that we can lose such a high quality man without paying considerable cost. But having said that I hope God will help us to find the resources to overcome and to deal with our future difficulties.”

Orville Durant: Commissioner of Police

“I was deeply shocked when I was informed of his death today [Monday]. I believe this is quite a loss for our nation. Members of the force would like to express their sympathy to his wife, family, close relatives and friends.”

Senator John Williams

“Prime Minister Tom Adams’ passing to me is tragic, sad and there is a feeling of numbness. It is indeed a great loss, not only for me, but the Caribbean and the world at large.

“I must admit that I had the privilege to work with him since November 1983, and I feel that Barbados has lost a very brilliant man. It will take a long time to readjust to the fact that he is gone. He was an outstanding statesman and son of the soil, a true politician,, an outstanding leader – and we shall always miss him.”

Owen Arthur: representative for St Peter in the House of Assembly

I am deeply shocked and I am really unable to find words to express the grief that I feel.

Since I have come to work with him over the past few months, I have come to realise that above all else, he was a very talented person and the reality of his passing has not yet really sunk in.

From the Indian Community of Barbados:

The Indian Community of Barbados wishes to express its deepest sympathy on the sudden and untimely death of the Right Honourable J.M.G.M. “Tom” Adams. Prime Minister Adams was highly respected through the Commonwealth, the Caribbean and indeed in his native Barbados. His loss will be great to the nation.

We extend our since condolences to Mrs. Adams, Lady Adams, his two sons and other relatives as we too share in their grief.

Barbados Employers Confederation:

The sudden death of Barbados’ Prime Minister Tom Adams has come as a deep shock to the members of the Barbados Employers Confederation.

President of the organisation Mrs. Gertrude Eastmond told the DAILY NATION: “We are deeply moved by the passing of such a great, distinguished son of Barbados, and our country will be poorer for the loss.

“We extend to his sorrowing wife, children, mother, other relatives and the Barbados Labour Party our deepest sympathy.”