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SUVs buzz

Geralyn Edward

SUVs buzz

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Questions are being raised about a number of expensive state-owned vehicles that have hit the streets in recent months.

In discussions on social media sites such as Facebook many have questioned the decision to purchase several popular SUVs, which carry ML licence plates, at a time when Government has outlined its critical cash flow problems.

Asked to comment on the issue, head of the Sir Arthur Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES) Dr Don Marshall said: “I am a little bit concerned about the message that Government is sending because we are talking about tax certificates as an option and we are talking about cash flow problems.

“Someone looking at Government’s needs may [say] that the remuneration packages . . . are such that we need to keep quality people in the Public Service and one of the ways is to give them a nice motor car but that would be to proceed as if it was business as usual in Barbados,” the University of the West Indies academic pointed out.

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