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Fitting tributes to Roy Byer


Fitting tributes to Roy Byer

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HE DEDICATED A major part of his life to the development of culture and chronicling moments on history’s page on camera, and it did not go unnoticed.

Roy Byer, a legend in his own right, made a final showing at his beloved Bajan Cultural Village at Waterford – this morning as hundreds gathered to pay tribute to the man who was as much loved, as his tongue was feared.

A virtual who is who in entertainment, including several whom the 68-year-old perfectionist had a direct hand in grooming, politicians, journalists and those in several other professions gathered as one to give a fitting send off to a life well lived.

The tributes were right on the mark and the well-chosen musical pieces would have been pleasing in Byer’s sight. His body was interred at Westbury Cemetery. (YB)