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A VIOLENT ATTACK and robbery of a gas station employee has caused two separate security forces to unite in a single voice.

Top officials at G4S and Patriots security firms are joining the Royal Barbados Police Force in efforts to drive home the need for business owners and people to be on guard when transporting cash.

General manager of G4S, Roger Barrow, and managing director of Patriots, Jeffrey Bostic, added their voices to repeated urgings from police to employ cash-carrying companies to move their cash, especially in cases when large sums of cash are transported on a regular basis.

Stating that it continues to be a “serious matter”, Bostic said it was best to hire someone who is trained to do it.

“We’re in an environment now where people are doing anything to get money and we really need to be very careful about this,” Bostic advised, adding that adopting a routine can also pose a danger.

“A lot of times the risk that people take is not worth what it is that they’re taking a risk with and the cost of engaging with a cash company is small in comparison to the extent of the risk they take,” Barrow added.


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