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Injured Borah wins

Kenmore Bynoe

Injured Borah wins

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A late start and a late finish 20 minutes to midnight did not detract from a second night of captivating road tennis when the Massy United Insurance Clash of The Titans continued at The Villages at Coverley on Monday night.

One of the biggest clashes of the night was the battle between former Caribbean Volleyball Championships MVP Ivor Lashley and former national champion Jeffrey “Borah” Best, with the injured Best literally and figuratively limping home 17-21, 21-15, 21-19.

With his long reach and aggressive style, Lashley enjoyed all of the early runnings as Best struggled with a groin injury.

However, the class and patience of Best could not be denied as Lashley could not curb his natural attacking style which conceded over 30 per cent  of the points to Best.

The greatest entertainment for the fans was provided by Dwayne Lynch’s upset of former national champion, Winston “Charles McEnroe” Griffith. Both players were dressed in black and orange suits, orange and black caps and orange shoes. However, there was no similarity in the play as former national footballer and Division 1 cricketer Lynch minced up Griffith 21-19, 21-13.

While Griffith tried to employ his ballet style foot movements and classy hand strokes, Lynch used the strategy of pushing his opponent into the left corner and then classically driving through the right corner, repeatedly leaving Griffith to nod his head in approval of the unplayable shot.

The talkative Jerry Harris redeemed himself from the two “sows” which he had received in the last tournament from Julian “Michael Jackson” White as he passed on those animal husbandry skills to Henderson Weekes 21-6, 21-6. Simon Bayne, battling chikungunya, was still fit enough to defeat Alexander Clarke 21-14, 21-12.

Winston “Ballees” Padmore was immaculately dressed as usual with gloves and all, which proved meaningless to Sylvanus Doyle who took their match 21-18, 21-13. Stig Merritt beat Wayne Grazette 21-16, 21-15, Terry Dottin handed Simeon Harewood a double sow 21-6, 21-9, the stern Julian “Snake” Quimby disposed of Leroy Best 21-11, 21-7 and just before midnight Michael Jean pipped Anderson Smith 21-11, 19-21, 21-15.

The next round of matches from Monday night’s winners will see, Bayne playing the number two seed Antonio “Lil Man” Daniel who is also recovering from chikungunya.

Best meets number three seed Curtis Jones, Merritt takes on Marson Johnson, Lynch battles Dave Arendell, Doyle faces Quimby, Dottin challenges Aaron Barker and Harris plays Anderson “St George” Sealy.

Defending champion Mark “Venom” Griffith and Barbados’ top player Julian “Michael Jackson” White will be turning out tonight for the first time when the action resumes at Coverley.  

The last time that Griffith played at Coverley he was roughed up by Daniel who went on to defeat White and capture the inaugural Monarchs of the Courts and the top prize of $10 000.

Tonight, Griffith may face a challenge from the confident Allan Davidson in the nightcap game. However, Griffith should take that match and so too should White defeat Ryan Hall of St Philip.