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Freed after 22 years

Sandra Downes

Freed after 22 years

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For the rest of his life, Glenrick Gibbs’ enduring memory will be that he killed his sister.

“A moment’s anger can lead to a lifetime of regret,” he said yesterday immediately after his release from imprisonment at the Psychiatric Hospital for more than two decades.

Gibbs’ sister Jose Ann, 22, was strangled to death on May 21, 1992. After pleading guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished capacity back in July 1994, the 30-year-old Gibbs was sentenced to Her Majesty’s Pleasure.

But after Gibbs spent more than 22 years institutionalised, Queen’s Counsel Andrew Pilgrim asked that his client’s sentence be reviewed since Her Majesty’s Pleasure was no longer constitutional.

The victim lived at the family home in Halton, St Philip, with Gibbs and others. On that fateful day, he dropped his mother to work, returned and took a sister to school.

That sister returned home prematurely, after being suspended, and heard a noise in her sister’s bedroom. She called out to her older sister, got no answer and left to get help. She could not reach her mother by telephone. (SD)


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