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Barbadiana in focus for BimROCK

Natasha Beckles

Barbadiana in focus for BimROCK

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Modern, visually appealing and game-changing. These were some of the adjectives that came to mind when I got my first sneak peek at BimROCK Magazine, a monthly digital publication born out of a desire to expose the positive aspects of Barbadian life. It’s set to launch on November 30, Independence Day.

Produced by video production company Nu Visual Media, BimROCK Magazine promises to be a reflection of all things Barbadian with a focus on culture, music, entertainment, food and fashion.

I recently had the opportunity to sit with Kishmar Shepherd, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Nu Visual Media and publisher of BimROCK. During the interview he shared his vision for the magazine which can be viewed on any digital device. BimROCK Magazine has a strong video component.

“It’s a video magazine which simply means that it has video-infused pages so the videos play natively inside the online platform which hosts the magazine. You don’t have to click off the magazine to see the videos so the pages are laid out with the videos in mind,” Shepherd explained.

“It’s really a passion project to show Barbados in a new light, to show high quality visuals, to cover events that we thought were going under the radar or not being covered in the way that they could be covered . . .” he added.

The magazine is aimed at Barbadians of all ages, both at home and in the diaspora, and the young CEO has put together a diverse team to connect with these audiences.

Stylist and blogger Mikhaila GiGi Farier will host the fashion segment, chef Leandro Stuart will take charge of food and DJ Puffy will lead the entertainment section along with emerging media professional Victoria Bristol.

“For culture we have Rachelle Gray, a cultural icon, artist manager, photographer, who is also the magazines’ editor-in-chief and for music we have Carlos Brathwaite of [music blog] 246 Mixtapes,” Shepherd revealed to BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY.

The first teasers of the publication were launched on Instagram and Facebook on November 1, and already there’s an expectant audience.

“We’ve grown to almost 500 likes in a few days, people from as far as London have personally messaged me and said we love the idea and we want to be a part of it.” Shepherd said.

The magazine is a huge undertaking, but for the young businessman it’s just the start. The team is already planning for BimROCK TV, with the video content already in production.

In addition, their website will serve as a hub for the latest in local entertainment and information.

Ultimately, the aim is for BimROCK Magazine to be a household name, a digital social hub for Barbados and all things Barbadiana.