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More in mortar than pestle

Leonard St Hill

More in mortar than pestle

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When two and two make more than four or 22, there will always be more in the mortar than the pestle proverbially, or in the motor than pure petrol.

Sunil Narine is called for “throwing” his most effective delivery on the eve of the finals in which his side is favoured to win, and in the run-up to West Indies’ defence of a World Cup title. That is two and two.

Assured that there would be no loss of lucrative contracts for participants in a wildcat strike that brings about a breakdown of relations between the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) and Board of Control for Cricket India (BCCI), what do the mutineers have to lose except the bonus guaranteed for a non-performing team? Who put that in the mortar?

Since the 15 players selected by the WICB do not constitute the full membership of WIPA recognised as the collective bargaining agent for all professional players to represent the West Indies, with what authority does one unit of three entities under three captains speak not only for themselves but for all members of WIPA in demanding the dismissal of the WIPA executive?

Do members of WIPA recognise the discipline required of due process in collective bargaining agreements as a system? Is a demand for higher pay justified for a history of poor performance about to be repeated?

Wouldn’t the teams have been in a better bargaining position for acceptance of their “terms” upon delivery of a credible performance as a result of the tour of India at the end and not an empty promise at the beginning?

What made it impracticable for the 15 players selected to tour India to vet and sign the terms of the contract for their performance before embarking for India: was it their unavailability in the West Indies because of preoccupation in the IPL where they are better accommodated than in service of the West Indies?

The writing on the wall says that this Indian mutiny marks the end of the West Indies as a regional body in international cricket as in no other game. West Indies cricket will be no more unified than the CARICOM Single Market and Economy. As ever, it will be “to each his own”.