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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Hard to give up crown

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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Hard to give up crown

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WHEN the grand announcement was made by the Duke of all Barbados that his time had come to retire and go live amongst his subjects, it was felt that only now and then would he have made an appearance in the City by the bridge where so many of his exploits have taken place.

Many expected he would have retired to his castle from which he could enjoy the views of the valleys and hills which so spectacularly surround him.

So to the surprise of many, and the disdain of some, this regal old man has neither taken off his robes, his shoes nor left his dukedom. In his chariot daily he still travels hoping to whip fear into the hearts of many. As one from a long line who seeks to defend his subjects, honour and pride still boils in his blood; he is standing firm to defend his land.

So there is a cloud over the House of Harmony. It was felt that a duchess would have been in charge of this kingdom, but so big is the shadow left by the Duke that many say she is little more than a baroness.

In the meantime, the Dame of the North has retired her troops now, finding the House of Harmony not the best place to break bread, have fellowship and undertake research. The motivation now is to sing in a choir where the leader, the Viscount of Trents, has been proven to be a trusted leader.

Duchess in charge

In another realm, where there is a duchess who has full control over her dominion, some of her subjects are most unhappy because they have to get in a line. Some of them, who are not even knights, had been hoping that before the year of our Lord 2015 they would have been given their grand appointments.

They have spoken to Princesses and barons and pleaded their case, for they ask no less than that granted the slim giant who hails from the north. As he has been given clearance to travel the River Jordan they too wanted the approval to travel the lands freely.

These gentlemen and ladies, clad in their armour, are eager to defend the yeoman, craftsmen and tenants of the lands whether of Husbands or Westbury and certainly Fairfield.

So hold they must as a review of their service to the Kingdom of Labour is undertaken and to see whether any young valiant men and women seeking to be knights and dames win the approval of the Order of Lemon Grove.

Unkept promise

And so it came to past that the shepherds in the land had been under pressure to free their sheep because there was a drought which had devastated the fields. One of the shepherds, who once supplied much of the meat for the people of the land of the Fig Tree, had lost all his hair and started to make strange sounds, given the demands of the people.

He did not promise to feed 5 000 with a few fishes and some bread, but he would quench the thirst of fewer people, but still thousands, with a smaller drink than accustomed.

So the people on the hill looked and looked to see whence cometh this help. But alas, some left with cups which neither runneth over nor indeed even a drop of water.

So all the people in the land cried shame and kept loud noises which caused the shepherd to say I have diverted the water through the Valley of Deacons where Levi the tax collector has been checking them and has promised to deliver them by his courier of 15 asses and one oxen.

Oh why, oh why?

COU COU has been asked how come Government is finding it so difficult to pay income tax refunds but some of its departments are still buying new SUVs?

People want to know, too, with things so tight, why ministers are continuing to travel across the globe first-class.

The public are also asking how come Government keeps talking about the need to improve the system of justice, yet nothing has been done in their six years in office to increase the number of magistrates and judges?

They’re also wondering why Government keeps talking about the need to change the way business is done, yet they have had infrequent meetings with the Social Partnership to craft the way forward.