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MAVIS BECKLES: No guidance

Mavis Beckles

MAVIS BECKLES: No guidance

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Sometimes, especially in recent times wid all o’ the lot o’ strange things dat happening, I find myself wondering where we going.

When I say we, I mean we as in families, mothers and fathers, parents. I mean we as the children. There doan seem tuh be any kinda direction whatsoever. Mother, father and children all doing the same thing, no kinda guidance; not one o’ dem cahn tell the other one turn back. Everybody doing the same thing.

I also mean we as business people who seem tuh be grabbing at every single cent nuh matter who it hurts as long as we pockets fat. I mean we as in pastors and reverends and priests and apostles and bishops who all need tuh come together wid one heart and in one mind, intercede tuh God Almighty for this nation which is in pain, hurting bad and limping.

I mean we as in doctors and lawyers who sometimes forget their vows; who forget dat duh got something called compassion. Who forget dat dem is humans too and as the old people used tuh say, what goes around, comes around or wha’ ain’t catch ya ain’t pass ya.

And I mean we as a people in Barbados; a people who beginning tuh forget how tuh be our brother’s keeper. Who forget how tuh say, “Good morning” and “Thank you”, and when it happens it is a big thing and is highlighted in the newspapers.

I mean we as in Government. Where are you taking us? Is it down a slippery path? Are we going tuh be able tuh find we way back at the end o’ the day or are we going tuh lose our way altogether? Are we going tuh know who we are as a people when and if this all comes tuh an end? Where are we going?

Nowadays evahbody seem tuh be running helter-skelter and ain’t going nowhere at all. Somehow it seems like some people believe dat the more material things they have or could accumulate gine make dem live for evah or if they happen tuh die, it gine secure fuh dem a very special place and seat in Heaven. Duh cahn carry it nuhwhere wid dem. Some people even living like duh think dat duh got life put down.

While some running and snatching and hoarding, another set running and doing as duh like wid-out any thought about wha’ gine happen from one day tuh the next: living wid-out any thought about tomorrow. Duh just gine ’long, duh ain’t care, duh just there.

Duh got some people who have decided dat because life has dealt dem a lemon, it too sour so dem gine pelt it ’way and throw duh hands in the air: while another set, instead o’ wallowing in self-pity and talking ’bout poor me, have decided dat dem ain’t gine down so, dem ain’t gine lay down and play dead only because life hard and look like it getting harder. These is the kinds o’ people who got resilience, who intend tuh bounce back, who have decided dat dem gine down wid duh boots on and fighting.

Of course, we wake up every morning hoping dat today is the day dat we gine get some good news instead o’ fair promises all the time. Hoping and praying dat this Government by some miracle would find a solution tuh all o’ these financial problems and pressures but dem ain’t got the answers. Only one man knows and has the answers tuh all o’ these questions. Where are we going? Only God knows!

 • Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.