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PUDDING & SOUSE: Unchristian action

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PUDDING  & SOUSE: Unchristian action

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THE CONGREGATION at a certain church wants to know if one man is running the show.

They are upset that he has singlehandedly kicked out of Barbados all the ministers and preachers whom he did not like. They say the power has gone to his head and he has turned into a dictator and a demi-god.

They are particularly concerned about what has been going on in one section of the church where they complain that the congregation is being scattered like sheep without a shepherd.

They want to know if this one-man show realises that the church is not the fancy building but the people and that people have feelings. These faithful worshippers are planning to take precise action soon if this man of the cloth continues to trample on them.

Power play

Everything has turned topsy-turvy at a certain Government department now that the head of a section of men known as the Mothers Union, mainly for their effeminate antics, has resigned.

However, while the men in the Mothers Union are crying like big babies over the loss of their mother hen, those in the Men’s Fellowship – the opposing group, are rejoicing and saying that they hope his replacement would be someone with testosterone, more like a fowl cock.

The Men’s Fellowship has even installed two signs in the workroom saying Members Only and No Unauthorised Persons Allowed, in an effort to show the Mothers Union that they rule things now.

A wife’s regret

The ride seems to have come to an end for one of the workmen who was assigned to build that new, glossy road in St Philip, next to the famous race track.

Apparently while he was on the job he met and fell in love with a married woman and ended up horning her husband and running him out of his own home.

But it seems that several months later, wifey has finally realised her adulterous errors, and can no longer put up with her new man who spends more time in the watering holes than in her bed.

Rumour around the district is that he was even caught having affairs with a neighbour while under the influence.

People are waiting to see if wifey will go back with her husband or if the husband will be foolish enough to go back to her.

Dishonest day’s work

What will it take for management at a Government department to rein in a certain female worker who refuses to work for her allotted 8 to 4 time period?

She callously clocks in at 9 a.m. every day and by 2 p.m. she is through the door. She can be found in Bridgetown with a raffle sheet collecting money from the public. At 3:30 she hurries back to work and spends several minutes locked away in the bathroom, emerging around 4 p.m. to pack her bags and leave, while announcing that she has to go to the supermarket to buy groceries from her raffle money.

Angry colleagues want to know what it will take to discipline this wayward woman and why management continues to let her get away with not doing any work.