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Consumers blamed


Consumers blamed

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Barbadian consumers are “solely” responsible for higher food prices and the level of wastage.

That charge came Friday from acting chief executive officer of Roberts Manufacturing Limited, David Foster, who said 50 per cent of the locally grown food is rejected.

“Barbadians seem to want straight carrots and not bent carrots; so much of the produce that is produced actually is dumped,” Foster said.

Noting that Barbados had reached a stage where food imports were unsustainable, Foster said Barbadians had the opportunity to change the trends by supporting local farmers and manufacturers. He suggested that imports needed to be closely monitored.

He said the country needed greater food security now more than ever and that the time to be more self-sufficient was now.

Foster was speaking at the official launch of the Roberts NIFCA Culinary Arts Arena and Expo at the Gymnasium of the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex, where professional, junior and celebrity chefs are showcasing and selling their various products this weekend.

People can attend a number of workshops free or for a nominal fee. Interested people can get tips on knife skills, vegetable and fruit carving, 30-minute meals, home-made wines and creative ways to use cassava, breadfruit and sweet potato flours.

Additionally people will get a chance to view some of the award-winning NIFCA 2014 entries.

The winners of this year’s special awards and incentive prizes were announced. Leroy Barrow has been nominated for the Prime Minister’s Award for Originality for his hazelnut cream. Ten incentive awards have been awarded this year.

Senior judge for Culinary Arts Marion Hart received a special award for her outstanding contribution to the culinary arena.

Hart entered NIFCA for the first time in 1990 and received four gold, four silver and four bronze awards for the 12 items entered. She went on to win several top awards and amassed a total of 150 gold, 100 silver and 45 bronze awards for her efforts.  

The highlight at the culinary arena is the Caribbean Cuizine Pre-Independence Luncheon with a full Bajan menu, which is being held today. (YB)