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From The Archives: King to Jam with Spice

From The Archives

From The Archives: King to Jam with Spice

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REIGNING CALYPSO MONARCH John King will soon be jumping and waving on stage with Spice and Company.

Bandleader Dean Straker said King was rehearsing with the 18-year-old band and should make his Spice debut later this month.

“John King is easily one of the best male vocalists there is around. We are glad that he has agreed to take up the challenge and join Spice and Company,” Straker said. He added that people were eager to witness King on stage with Spice.

King is replacing lead singer Alan Sheppard, founder member of Spice, who has been forced to take a break from singing, on medical advice.

The calypso monarch will not only be performing Spice’s songs, but his own as well, said a band source.

In relation to the future of the band, Straker said: “We are committed until December 31 this year but we don’t know what the future will be thereafter.”

However, he said members of Spice still had a contribution to make to the music industry and even if they decided not to perform as a group, they might still continue recording.