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FTC eye on LIME

Maria Bradshaw

FTC eye on LIME

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The Fair Trading Commission (FTC) is investigating LIME’s proposed charge of $4.68 for customers who want to continue receiving printed bills.

Sandra Sealy, the director of utility regulation at the FTC, confirmed to the SUNDAY SUN when contacted yesterday that they would be sending correspondence to the utility company this week, after which they would be making a public statement on the matter.

“We will be communicating with them during the week,” she said. “We too are concerned about the proposed charge and we will be looking at it from all angles – consumer protection, regulation, fair competition – but at this point in time I can’t say anything because we haven’t actually looked at it completely and done the analysis.”

However, Sealy pointed out: “It will take us a little while to get into it and make a determination on what our full view on the matter is . . . . We want to look at it very carefully and we want to look at it from all angles before we make any definitive statement or determination on the matter.”

The SUNDAY SUN has been reliably informed that the FTC is perusing residential terms and conditions in LIME’s customer contract which specifically states at section 8:2: “We have a monthly billing period and we will send you a bill every month, and section 18: 3 which states: “We will send all bills and notices under this agreement to your address stated in the application. You must tell us immediately about any change in this address. We will allow 48 hours for you to receive bills and notices through the post.”

Please read the full story in today’s Sunday Sun, or in the eNATION edition.