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From The Archives: Sandi gets the last laugh

Harold Hoyte

From The Archives: Sandi gets the last laugh

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I do not know why some people are so anxious for Sandi to call this election. I am sure that he is not losing any sleep over it.

The opposition seems to be getting a little jittery over the fact that the control of government should change hands. They want a date to get that done. And soon.

Perhaps they have read the polls and got their sums all wrong, adding to their seven when they should be subtracting from seven and multiplying their four and three when they should be dividing their four by three.

Perhaps they have been reading the stars and misinterpreting the advice of Jeanne Dixon who said this week to Librans that “new financial gains can be made if you strike when the iron is hot” or when she said “an unusually exciting career opportunity will present itself shortly”.

Or perhaps they have been misreading the signs – traffic signs – U-turn (your turn); give-way (power being given away); cross-roads (political); bend (political change); double bend (major change); and so on.

Perhaps they have heard that Nelson is being moved and feel that if you can move Nelson, you can remove anybody else.

Whatever their reason, the opposition fellows are itching for a chance to get their hands on a piece of government work.

Even the people at the NATION seem to want to rush Sandi into an early election by predicting that it will be announced this week.

The truth is that there is no need for any hurry, Sandi has lots of time on his hands. And with the good vision he has, he will take action when he is good and ready.

Sandi could hang on to the office of Prime Minister as long as August before we can really do anything about it.

So while some fellows are dreaming of an Ilaro Christmas, Sandi has not been one to miss Christmas in the court and he is not going to give away his big chance for a fat family meal in the those fine surroundings again this year.

So while the other fellows may be busy preparing their Christmas message as the new prime minister, Sandi is probably quite sure that it will be his job to get on telly and wish us all, including Richie and Henry, a merry Christmas.

Indeed, if he sticks to his guns, Sandi will also be bringing us the state of the nation message for New Year’s.

This thing could go on all year next year.

He could be reading the lesson on Easter Sunday in the Cathedral.

The Budget next year could be Sandi’s Budget too. If he wants to, Sandi could hold on and get the opportunity for all that TV time prime ministers get, keeping Richie and Henry playing secondary roles on that big day.

He could even be around to open Sherbourne Complex in time for the CXC exams in the summer.

And he could be cutting the ribbon to declare open the vendors mall in Trafalgar Square whenever that gets done.

And he could be representing us at the next Heads of Government conference in July.

Sandi could easily be delivering the last canes at the Ceremonial Delivery of the last canes at the next Crop Over Festival. And he could crown the next calypso king at the National Stadium at the Pic-o-de-Crop finals.

Come to think of it, Sandi has twice as many chances of doing this over Richie and Henry. His first chance would come if he refuses to call an election until August next year. He is fully entitled to stay on until then.

His second chance could come if he calls this week as some people believe and he gets lucky and the people of Barbados decide he is the best person for the job.

However you look at it, we are in Sandi’s hands. I don’t know if it helps you sleep any better, but I think you should know before you say your prayers.