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Virgin at 20 and loving it

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Virgin at 20  and loving it

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Dear Christine,

I am a 20-year-old virgin and quite a few so-called friends think I am some kind of freak. Christine, I am writing to say I don’t care what they think.

I am not a prude. It’s just that I believe sex belongs to marriage. I have dated a number of young men and have been called many things – “abnormal”, “a tease”, “too religious”, “cold” and “frigid”.

I still don’t care. Today, some of those men are still my friends, even though others did not ask me out after my refusal to engage in sex. Christine, I believe that someday I will meet the right man for me.

I feel good about my lifestyle and don’t have to worry each month about whether or not I am pregnant. I don’t have to concern myself about catching some sexually transmitted disease or wonder what effect the pill will have on me.

I am not bragging, but I just felt led to share this information so that young women would know the power they have over their bodies when they abstain from sexual pleasure until the right man comes along. Young men ought to do the same thing and choose to keep their bodies for that special woman.

I have peace of mind in knowing that I am not contributing to the moral decline of this society by being an irresponsible adult, and I want to encourage young people to stand up for what is wholesome. It can be done even in the face of daily temptation, financial lack and ill-discipline.

– T.Y.

Dear T.Y.,

   Thanks for sharing. I don’t believe you are trying to rub a “holier than thou” attitude in anybody’s face. Rather, I think you wish more people would see your point of view and recognise the benefits of living above the line, so to speak.

I admire and applaud young people who can stand up for what they believe, who know what they want and do not want, and who have the courage to stick by their convictions.

Careless sex can cause a lot of unhappiness, so continue on the road you’re travelling on. In time, you’ll find that special someone who will appreciate, respect and love you all in one.