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Minor muscle


Minor muscle

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While the big boys and big girls tend to be the show stoppers of the Tiger Malt Mr Schoolboy Bodybuilding and Ms Schoolgirl Body Fitness championships, the bravery and cute smiles of the tiny tots always endear them to the fans.

The excitement in the Lester Vaughan School hall almost tripled when the tiny tots took to the stage, with Z’Dana Scantlebury taking the 6-8 for Roland Edwards and crowd-pleaser Kemani Maynard matching that effort for Hillaby Turners Hall.

Maynard’s sister Christiana took the Junior Girls’ 9-11 for Ellerslie Secondary.

Another showman, Carlon Marshall of Wilkie Cumberbatch, proved to the champion in the Junior Boys bodybuilding while Rowland Kirton-Browne moved from Bay Primary as a champion and earned the Upper Junior Girls bodybuilding title for her new school, Lester Vaughan.

Gabrielle Abram was good enough to take the Tiny Tot bodybuilding, leaving Scantlebury in the second spot while the posing of Darcy Beckles champion Hoskyn Worrell would have been flavoured when Worrell’s son, Tremaine Sobers of St George Secondary, won the Upper Juniors Bodybuilding.

One disappointment was the small number of competitors – three – for the Upper Juniors fitness which The St Michael School’s Dari-Ann Gibson duly won.

There was no problem with numbers for the showstoppers with newcomer Sabrina Newton, who is better known as an athlete, and Zico Best topping the large and competitive field. (KB)