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Score two for female tabulators

Wayne Holder

Score two for female tabulators

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Nowadays it is not an uncommon sight to find members of the fairer sex in charge of the scoring duties in cricket matches at all levels and even more so in the Barbados Cricket Association’s Elite and First Division competitions.

In fact such a revolution has been taking place in this area of the game, previously exclusively the domain of men, that today at least 50 percent of the clubs participating in the island’s highest domestic competitions employ female scorers.

So it came as no surprise to those present earlier this season at the LIME Sports Club’s headquarters at Wildey during the first series match of the Sagicor General Super Cup competition between LIME and Brathwaite Construction/Republic Bank St. Catherine, that both scorers were female.

What the average spectator would have found fascinating was the fact that this pair were indeed related in an even more profound way.

They were mother and daughter – Jacqueline “Jacqui” Crick, long-time scorer for the St Catherine club, and her daughter, Amelia, who has recently teamed up with LIME.

History will show that these were not the first such mother-daughter scoring pair to grace official domestic cricket, that distinction held by Suzanne and Gina Belle, who not only sat side by side for the First Division match Wanderers versus Barbados Youth during the 2013 season but also worked together during the inaugural Caribbean Premier League last year.

More than 15 years ago when Jacqui took up the scorebook for the first time for her beloved Bayfield, St Philip-based St Catherine, Amelia, or “MiMi” as she is affectionately known, would have only just entered primary school.

The 22-year-old former Parkinson Secondary student credits her mother as the inspiration behind her venturing into the field.

“I came along from a child and saw my mother scoring and just decided that I would follow in her footsteps [and] it came naturally.”

“Mi Mi”, who started out as her mother’s assistant at Bayfield, has been engaged by LIME to work with their First Division team since last season, and acknowledges her mother as her only mentor.

“Without doubt she is much better than I am, I call her the teacher. I just want to be like her.”

Jacqui, an employee of the School Meals Department and who is also mother to a 20-year-old son, Stefan Crick, who plays in the Intermediate competition for St Catherine, is a proud and willing tutor and dreams of seeing her progeny go onto bigger things.

“It makes me feel encouraged to see her taking up scoring.

“I am very proud of her and I hope that she goes as far as possible, even beyond these shores”.