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10-MINUTE MANAGER: Rose-Ann Carter

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10-MINUTE MANAGER: Rose-Ann Carter

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Are you where you’ve always wanted to be?

Presently, no, but every day I try a little harder to get to that point and I believe that I am getting closer.

What is your biggest professional challenge?

Professionally, the biggest challenge for me is being constantly innovative which is necessary to keep the interests of my current customers and attract potential clients.

What is your biggest life challenge?

My biggest life challenge would be feeling like my willingness to help and support others is not always reciprocated.

When you look to the future what do you see?

I see myself owning a thriving business with a satisfied clientele.

What is your favourite pastime?

My favourite pastime would be spending some quiet time reading a good book.

What is your favourite meal?

I don’t have a favourite meal but I enjoy food with lots of meat especially pork.

On Saturday nights where are you likely to be?

In bed reading a book or spending quality time with loved ones.

What upsets you the most?

The most upsetting thing for me would probably be ingratitude of others.

What is your guiding philosophy?

Nothing lasts forever so appreciate the great moments and persevere through the difficult ones.

If you had the chance to manage Barbados for a day, what would you do?

One day really isn’t enough time to do anything substantial. But maybe putting policies in place to make it easier for entrepreneurs to get financial assistance and low cost marketing opportunities necessary to boost their businesses.