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DEAR CHRISTINE: Hoping to meet single professional man

Dear Christine

DEAR CHRISTINE: Hoping to meet single professional man

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Dear Christine,

I never thought I would ever have to write to you but as the saying goes: “never say never”.

I am a professional and a very young 50-year-old woman. I exercise, run and also do martial arts. I own my home, always carry a smile and I am very pleasant.

My problem is that I am also very lonely. My children are all grown up and have left home.

Yes, men do approach me but they are either married or involved. I would never break up a relationship because I know how that feels and would not put a woman through that.

Sometimes I wonder if there are no professional single men out there.

Why do I always attract men who are in relationships? I go out occasionally and have been involved in different clubs. However, I cannot meet single men.

I am not sure what help I am seeking from you but if there are any single, professional men out there who are looking for a classy, intelligent lady, please give them my email address. I am tired of being alone.

– S.D.

Dear S.D.,

I hope I do not come across as rude, but you seem so desperate for male companionship that I hope you do not fall for the first “free and available” man who comes along.

Loneliness can be a real “killer” but during your time of loneliness or just being alone, I hope you will learn some things about yourself that you probably need to deal with or even improve.

I also hope that apart from finding that special “unattached someone”, you would also have a very clear understanding of the various attributes you’re looking for in a man.

For example, do you want a non-smoker, non-drinker, one who shares your hobbies, likes, dislikes and values? In fact, you have not furnished me with any such information about yourself or the kind of man you’re hoping to attract.

Since you have not narrowed down your “search”, so to speak, you stand to “attract” men who may not necessarily meet your standards, even though they may be single and professional. I hope you can see my point.

While I will still publish your letter as requested and pass on any contacts to you, you may want to reconsider your letter and perhaps write another one which will clearly spell out what you are looking for in that special someone you’re hoping to meet via this column.


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