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From The Archives: Omar goes to court

Gayle Alleyne

From The Archives: Omar goes to court

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AN 11-YEAR-OLD schoolboy is taking his former headmistress and the Minister of Education to the High Court.

Omar Boyce files an affidavit yesterday declaring his intention to contest the decision of Westbury Primary School principal Marselle Callender and the Minister of Education to transfer him from that school after an altercation with a female classmate.

In his affidavit, Omar also said the controversy has people staring at him and talking about him, which makes him “very unhappy”.

“I still miss Westbury Primary School … my friends and classmates,” Omar said in the legal document.

“We are asking for a Judicial Review under the Administration of Justice Act,” said Omar’s lawyer David Comissiong. He said Omar’s mother Marcia Leacock also had to file an affidavit because her son is a minor.

The history-making case began October 20 when Omar hit a girl whom he said had been troubling him for some time, and then ran to his mother while a teacher watched.

The following day Callender told his mother not to bring him back to the school. A week later he heard he was to attend Wesley Hall Junior School where he has been ever since.

“We are submitting the actions of the headmistress, the Chief Executive Officer and the Minister of Education in expelling Omar from Westbury are unlawful and are therefore null and void,” said Comissiong.

“We are asking the High Court to order he be reinstated at Westbury with immediate effect,” he added.

Outlining Omar’s reasons for wanting to return to Westbury where he was a pupil seven years, the affidavit states the schoolboy is being “unduly kept back” in his preparation for next year’s Common Entrance Exam because he is in a class for slower students at Wesley Hall, doing work he has already done.

Comissiong said he hoped the matter could be heard next month and be concluded by the start of the next school term.

“We’re anxious for the public to hear all the facts since people have all sorts of misconceptions about the incident,” said the lawyer.