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FLYING FISH AND COU COU: Licks like peas in East

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FLYING FISH AND COU COU: Licks like peas in East

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A CERTAIN FLASHY man from the East was being scrutinised by colleagues, friends, employees and foes last week and even early into this week.

He apparently got into a tussle with another man and almost had to run into the sea, but there was no boat there to row.

This man, who is well known across Barbados, got some lashes, according to people on the scene, something like what an auntie would administer. Others are saying it was blows like what a real angry mother or old-time headteacher would dish out.

Some people on the scene say it was  something to be afraid of but also something to laugh at.

And just imagine, it all happened right in his own backyard.

The news of this bachannal was on social media, on the tip of many tongues, from supporters and opponents of how this man was left fending from himself.

The amazing thing was that no one sought to help the man who is always boosting of his margin of victory whenever he goes for a run throughout the districts.

Fortunately, he was able to make it quickly to his flashy big ride, and good thing the road in that area was in such a condition for him to beat a hasty retreat.

Whatever it was this man received,  we are going to leave it to calypsonians RPB and Mac Fingall to compose a song and offer it in the tents next year. The suggestion is that the song be entitled Wax Palax.

Some of the people of many St Philip districts surrounding Marley Vale and East Point are interested in forming a back-up choir, while efforts are being made to get a special virtuoso on the bass guitar.


Mother knows best

Talking about songs.

A gospel singer was recently overheard singing Swing Low Sweet Chariot and, when asked what had him in a depressed mood, he loudly proclaimed that he did not intend to allow anyone to trick him, not even those related by blood.

He had mounting legal bills, his ministry was in trouble and things were falling apart. But some of those worries are now all gone.

Speaking like a southern Baptist, he credited his good fortune to a hefty bank account from his mother.

His mother, who was a labourer, had been given this large sum of money by one her sons, whom she would often call “Dennis the Menace” after the popular newspaper cartoon.

The money was apparently given to her for safe keeping.

Knowing that he had grown into a sickly young man, she decided to do the things a mother would do and signed off at the bank as the money being hers. It was safe and sound, until she passed away.

“Dennis the Menace” wanted to get his money. But, low and behold, brothers and sisters started shouting out that they wanted their share of mummy’s earthy achievements. After all, she had worked hard, prayed often and lifted up her voice in praise.

Some even got down on their knees, as they were taught to do, and were overheard asking for spiritual intervention, quoting Abram not to let this be a repeat of an Isaac getting all and they only receiving gifts.

The sweet gospel singing brother of “Dennis the Menace” re-invigorated was last week seen and heard in Fairy Valley, Parish Land and other Christ Church districts singing another old time favourite, His Eye is on The Sparrow.


Odd couple

The talk of the town recently has been about the “new odd couple”.

She would like to be a socialite,  having been twice married to men of worth, the first near her age, the other almost twice that.

But those things did not matter as she enjoyed the good life: big house and flashy car, overseas travel, entertaining and moving in the right circle.

Unfortunately, the roadway to the money has gone and the air around her is only full of annoying dust.

Not even the sister’s luck of finding a man, also almost nearly twice her age, could bring satisfaction to this ageing old dame once described as dedicated to Mars, and now benefiting from the sister’s good life.

The saving grace has been the prince of music promotion who rode into her life. Known for his love for women never past half his age, his pants dropping off and his golden attractions, he has been smitten by this old girl.

Look out for this odd couple early next month at various shows and if together next year, don’t be surprised seeing them at back in time and on the Hill.

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