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From The Archives: Antenna thief strikes again

From The Archives

From The Archives: Antenna thief strikes again

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VEDA GRACE woke up to what she thought was a cat on the roof on Thursday morning only to find her Multi-Choice TV antenna gone and part of her roof ripped away.

The 4th Avenue, Wildey Terrace North, St Michael resident was one in a long line of victims in the district who seemed to be the target of whom they term as “the antenna thief”.

Grace, like many of her neighbours before her, now has to pay over $300 to replace the stolen device.

“A next-door neighbour saw him running with the antenna. She said he was wearing a hood over his head,” said the bewildered woman.

Another neighbour, also a victim, told the SATURDAY SUN the latest incident made it the sixth antenna stolen within the last four weeks.

“I don’t know why they are targeting this area. And the thing is out here is supposed to have a neighbourhood watch.

“Every time they steal the antennae we have to look for $350 to pay the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation. We called the police on several occasions. This (the media) is our last hope,” she said.